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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Eating the Human From the Inside

The fall of the human being into distance from God was the fall from what it truly means to be human. We do not sin because we are human, but because we start to become more and more inhuman.   And just as we cannot love God whom we have not seen unless we love our neighbor whom we have seen, the more inhuman we become, the more we hate God, the less we love him.  When we detach ourselves from the value and dignity of human life and become anti-life, disguised as pro-some "choice" , instead of pro-life, we truly disfigure our humanity.  through this our whole culture is becoming inhuman.  And that inhumanity is eating, destroying the human from inside.

Two news stories that touch on this have come to my attention in the last few days.  I have chosen to comment on both of them as a temper of our times. 

The first story I found on a blog post on Patheos, and it has been confirmed as a real story.  According to the post, under the Netherlands voluntary euthanasia policy, a doctor has  terminated the life of a 41 year old father of two, because he found life intolerable as an alcoholic.  Rand to means of rather than "do no harm" as a doctor and direct the person to treatment, to AA, to means of getting sober, the doctor chose to say yes, your life has no value unless your our sober, and yes, give up all hope of becoming sober.  This amounts to a death penalty for being an alcoholic, even though the victim consents.  

Another voluntary victim of this "mercy killing" was killed because of her PTSD stemming of childhood sexual abuse.  To kill the victim of the crime of abuse  rather than support her, is an attack on all suffering victims of early childhood abuse.  

 Euthanasia as a legal matter began with that sovereign nation, Germany, in the 30's, first applied to disabled children, then later the mass slaughter of Jews, Gypsies and political dissidents. Millions died. This has begun as voluntary euthanasia for those on the verge of death, but now it is growing to other---The notion that an alcoholic is incurable was debunked by AA, yet here it is used as an excuse to expand the scope of this law. And the Dutch are considering expansion of the of the law to include those who feel they have lead full lives. But the ugly truth about Dutch euthanasia is that as the doctors have become comfortable with killing patients, covert involuntary killings of patients have been occurring more frequently than in the past. So Roy, in fact it is willy-nilly down the slippery slope. Free and independent nations threaten destruction with A-Bombs, etc, use the death penalty widely, kill in abortion and I speak out against all those, so I shall on this as well. When I was a child or young adult, this "mercy killing" idea was only advocated by loose wing nuts. Gradually it became acceptable by the work of spin doctors who relabeled the robbery of human life and dignity as "death with dignity." Euthanasia is eating our humanity from the inside. 

But this horror is not limited to the Dutch alone.  Recently, according to the Churchpop website, France's Council of State has banned the showing of a video on television that shows  Downs Syndrome children as leading happy lives.  The rationale:  that this pro-life video would make mothers who had aborted their Down's Syndrome children "feel bad" about their choice.  It is however quite acceptable for medical professionals to make mothers feel bad about bearing such a child to term. Ac.cording to the article 90% of Down's Syndrome children in Eurpoe and the United States are killed by abortion 

The Liberty of "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" goes out the window when it interferes with the process of robbing the dignity and value of human life.  Again, we destroy our humanity from the inside. 

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Catholic Teaching and the Right of Human Beings to Water

One of the greatest looming crisis in the world today is the global water shortage. Both secular and religious social justice advocates are concerned with this and Catholics in particular are applying CST (Catholic Social Teaching for my non-Catholic friends) to this. I have always been concerned with inequality and it's savage effects, as a Catholic child, as a fallen away Catholic, and as a returned Catholic. But returning late in adulthood, and studying CST I have gained a entirely new set of tools to use on this problem. I thank my old Santa Cruz friend Kim MacKay for this article and here is my take: Water is becoming a a point of conflict between global capitalism and the poor of the world. It is being treated as private property of investors. Catholic social teaching starts with certain simple premises: the dignity and right to survive of every human being, The "universal destination of goods" (that the good things of the earth are ultimately everyone's, as in Eden), the good of private property (that it protects people) and balancing the three, the Common Good, by which the universal destination of goods and the right of all to survive places limits on the right of private property, sometimes completely overcoming it. Aquinas, for instance, allowed that with no other remedies available, a person had the right to steal for survival. Nestle, a global beverage company, is asserting it's right of private property against the rights of rural and urban poor and farmers to water for survival. The Catholic church and secular critics are not in agreement, nor am I.