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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Veterans Resumes for Congress

The last couple days, as you may know dear readers, I have been commented on Congressman Jessie Jackson Jr.'s efforts to get resumes emailed to Congress. He is trying to get resumes and the stories of the unemployed into the Congressional Record, and in the faces of other Congress people so that Congress will be forced to act on the unemployment problem.  Right now Congress is debating cutting all job training and cutting many programs that have created jobs, while doing nothing new to create jobs.

One of the groups hard hit is Veterans, especially Veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Congressman Jackson has set up a special email address for veterans  Alittle more on this can be found at:  The email address for veterans is  

For non-veterans continue to use:

For information about how to format your resume for Congress:

Once again, if you send a nice letter to Congress about your life, your job situation, unemployment, etc, and you send me a copy at, or leave it as a comment on this article, you are sharing with other Americans even before it gets published in the Congressional record.  Please send me copies of your cover letters.

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