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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ravenna Creek

The rooming house where I live  is near Ravenna Creek Park, which was once an old logging area.  The park has suffered ecological set backs through the years and is being  restored.  It includes an entry subset park called Cowen Park, which is an open area suitable for  things like frisbee tossing, a baseball area, a picnic area, and lots of hiking trails under heavy canopy.  It touches on the Ravenna neighborhood, the University District, Roosevelt and University Park areas. It has two bridges over it.

I have been taking pictures of the park and surrounding urban area as a wildness/development contrast, looking especially for quirky shots. This doesn't have a lot to do with the theme of  the blog, but it's fun.
I'm presenting part 1 of the photo essay here  I am also working on a photo essay on homelessness, but that may take more time.

A neighborhood grocery about a block from the park.

This grocery/cafe is typical of the relaxed atmosphere in the surrounding neighborhood.

One of the two bridges over the park, this one is reserved for pedestrians and bicyclists.

A stairway down from the picnic area to the trail area.

There are many old gnarled trees with interesting trunks and holes.


A side pond.

A tree fungus.

Under one of the bridges. 


  1. That was a pretty area. Got to be nice being away from Greek Row, isn't it?

  2. Yes,. Walking away from Greek row is nice.