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Friday, January 14, 2011

Time to Pause for Prayer

The events of the last several days and the coming events have inspired me to write almost exclusively political articles.  The tragedy in Tuscon, the upcoming Martin Luther King Jr. holiday and the news I got from the United Farmworkers Union were all things I wanted to remember in some way.  Many of my conservative friends and readers do not agree with my opinions concerning the events in Tuscon or most of the other things I wrote on.  Some of you may even have reservations on my thoughts on gun control.  My liberal readers may disagree with what I posted on abortion.  But what stood out for me in the Presidents speech in Tuscon was his call to unite, to work together and to pray.

A great deal of my blogging does not revolve around politics, but this week posts have.  Politics is like all other things of this earth.  It will pass away.  Sure I believe in my politics and believe that it's a way to seek justice.  But in the end it passes away just like wealth, pleasure, power, fame and indeed all the good and bad things of the earth.  In the end we are left as human beings standing before God.

So if we can't do anything else together let us pray together.  This weekend across the country we will remember Martin Luther King Jr., a man of God and a man of peace.  He was felled by an assassins bullet just like the victims in Tuscon.  Take the time this weekend to pray for an end to violence. 

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