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Friday, December 3, 2010

The Simple Way

A item in the latest issue of Peace & Life Connections from consistent life, along with some great material on the evils of abortion, lead me to a radical Christian community called "The Simple Way", modeled in many ways after the Catholic Workers.   They have a small intentional community, a sort of urban monasticism, in the middle of a low income area in Philadelphia.  They run a neighborhood park and provide some social help for neighbors. They have worship get togethers at there house on Fridays, but otherwise go to the nearby church.  They run a magazine called Conspire. They have a list of the 12 marks of the new monasticism including, "Relocation to the abandoned places of Empire".

That is quite a statement.  Having lived and worked in some of the abandoned places of Empire, I know it's not always easy.  From the little I have been able to read, they seem to be an ecumenical off shoot of the Catholic Worker movement and worthy of support.

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