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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuckered Out Temp

Today I temped, four hours of very hard work putting door hangers on door knobs.  I worked in a team with a young recent college graduate who had just gotten a degree in graphic arts, and was dissatisfied that he had not pursued fine arts instead.  He observed that much of what they prepare you for in graphic arts today is computer generated graphics. often for games. And this wasn't what the young man was interested in.  But he didn't have the money to pursue a second degree in fine arts.

Walking up and down hills and stairs my feet, once young and strong, took a beating.  I was surprised at the toll the work took out of me, not only the feet but other parts of my body. Not a job for a sixty year old.

On the way back to the business we were fliering for, the young man and I began to talk.  He was from Oregon and I told him a funny story about hitchhiking through Oregon when I was 19.  My tied feet and body and my brain working to tell stories.  Now my arms are tired so my posting will be limited tonight, but I am reminded at how much I love the role of the story teller and the illuminator.  

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