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Friday, November 12, 2010

Get it Right

Dear reader I do the best to produce a quality blog for you, but I thought I should warn you I face a severe handicap.  I am in fact orthographically challenged. That's right dear reader, run for that dictionary. My first hint here is that it is the second most common meaning  found in most dictionaries I am concerned with here.  Yes, that was the one that caused the greatest pedagogical concern.  I take some relief in the fact that Edgar Allen Poe was also so challenged and in his day there was little relief for the affliction.  Today of course, we have automatic orthographic correction features that call to our attention standard orthography.  That's right, I use non-standard orthographic, and not always deliberately.  When I do this it deliberately it may be a form of neologism (now you really need a dictionary, right?) or it may be a orthographically induced form of flash tongue (thieves' Latin or peddler's French) . Remember reader, if it's not in the dictionary try you thesaurus. Actually my disability is so severe that I had already had several orthographic seizures while writing this, and have relied on automatic orthographic notification and correction each time. My great fear is that one of the seizures will look so much like the normal state that the correction will not occur.   Who first noticed that I had orthographic seizures?  My second grade teacher, Ms. Speling.  

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