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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Job Fair Blues

Yesterday I went to a job fair, highly touted on the Work Source Website.  The advertisement for it showed about fifty different logos of companies that had attended previous years with no list of who would be there, but saying it was in the Northwest Rooms at the Seattle Center.  When I got there I discovered it had shrunk to one room, and one of the smaller ones at that.  Take away the interview tips table, the educational opportunity and the military recruiters there were a handful of opportunities.  I talked to Xfinity-Comcast but when I tried to locate the jobs on their website I couldn't locate them.  Then there was a staffing agency I will sign up with later that has some good temporary and temp to hire opportunities.

It seems that in spite of the claims that we have come out of the recession most companies are not doing aggressive hiring.  If they had a need for people they would be at the job fairs, and there websites would be properly updated.  there is only marginal improvement in the employment situation indicated by some hiring this last month, but with manufacturing still weak and housing flat, the engines of the economy are not working.  Perhaps it was because of this that there were few people at the job fair.  They knew what I was learning --better to hit the phones or computer or network a little to find a job.

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