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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More on Betty A. Carey

I wrote about Betty in the early post Green Bullets, which I will link to below.  In light of the unemployment today I wanted to add a little more about Betty's experiences in the depression.  Right now we have over 9% unemployment in this state but notices are being given to people on extended unemployment benefits that those are being phased out.  My own experience is that I am getting no work even from applying for one day jobs on top of my applications for permanent work.

Betty told me about being a child in Santa Clara during the depression.  Her Father was a union carpenter who worked steadily out of the union hall until the depression hit. Suddenly there was no work, and no money in the house.  Everyday he would go out to the union hall, or elsewhere to look for work, and everyday he came back with no work and no money.  this situation lasted until Roosevelt's New Deal reforms started creating more construction opportunities in California's Santa Clara Valley.

Right now Congress has voted against extending emergency unemployment and the new Congress coming in wants to cut whatever meager stimulus programs are out there.  And yet many of us are already experiencing what Mr. Carey experienced in the 1930's.

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