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Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Good Turn

I've been writing about the tough time that I and people in this country are having right now, but I'd like to post a little bit on something good that happened today. I have a lot of books in storage over in Ballard at Magnum Self Storage.  I have been a customer for a long time.  Today I went over there because I want to post some of my books on line for sale, so I  got a batch to take home.  Some interesting books I might add --like a rare Upton Sinclair first, a Jack London first, a Hans Christian Anderson first, a set of Ibsen in Norwegian, etc.  Now is the time to make that storage locker pay for itself.
When I was done I was talking to the owner and told him of my situation.  He said "We will give you a free month to help you out.  You are a good customer.  Besides you sent us a customer once."   That kindness has made the rest of my day better.  Remember always, kindness.  We are all brothers and sisters under the sky.

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