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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Writing the Occasional Obituary...

I have, enjoyed in my life writing the occasional obituary, interviewing the public or private figure for a newspaper, or doing the occasional biographical sketch of someone I new or wished I had known.  These writings are an opportunity for a journalist to step back from the dry facts of the day and look at the human beings that really matter.  Did not Jesus say that even the hairs on your head have been numbered?  So often in blogging or journalism we look at the 'issues' and 'events' as those those were the most important things, the stuff of history.  But for God, who is so high above our ways, it is the human hearts and minds that are important.  As I am going to be writing about the margins of society as the primary focus of this blog, I will endeavor to put the human face on the situation by writing about people who lived in those margins, or figures who were exemplary for their efforts at social justice.

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