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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More on Dorothy Day

Dorothy Day and the Catholic Workers movement did not approach the social problems of our society as materialist philosophers, but rather as followers of the Beatitudes of Christ.  Dorothy said repeatedly that she completely agreed with the teachings of the church, and it is for this reason that today she is Servant of God.  Although efforts are being made to canonize her, she always said, don't call me a saint.

Dorothy said that not everything about our social problems should be handled by the state.  Citing papal teachings on the matter, she said that subsidiarity needed to be used, dealing with problems on there lowest level.  She saw unions, cooperatives, credit unions and other non-governmental institutions as an important part of helping solve societies problems and cited Martin Buber to the effect that the state should be a web of communities.  That is that each community at each level should provide for the needs of people

I will be posting some U-Tube interviews and features on Dorothy Day on this blog. 
But here is one that I can't post, about Dorothy Day as a Catholic Anarchist and why she wasn't an advocate of state socialism.  Jusat paste this into your window and it will take you to the right place on U-Tube.

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