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Friday, November 19, 2010

Santa Gets Republican Coal In His Unemployment Stocking

Yesterday, while Republican leader Bonner accused the Democrats of playing politics with unemployment benefits, the Republicans blocked extension of those benefits. Perhaps the Democrats are, but the Republicans definitely are.  The benefits extensions are due to run out December 1st and the Democrats tried to fast track the passage, which requires a two-thirds vote.  That failed because the Republicans insisted on paying for it by taking unspent money from the stimulus funds.  Unspent doesn't mean not committed, so programs already planned for the remaining funds would have to be cut off. With nearly one in five Americans either unemployed or under employed we are being asked to choose between unemployment benefits and creating more jobs. The Democrats will try again after the Thanksgiving break, but on the slow track or attached to another bill.  It will probably get through eventually, but I doubt it can pass by December 1st.  If your benefits are about to expire, Merry Christmas.

In the past, whatever there differences on fiscal policy and other matters, in high unemployment times both major parties pulled together to provide help to the unemployed.  Now, defeating Obama two years from now is more important that food on the table of the unemployed now.  Sad state of affairs.  Let's find common ground.  Cheers for the Republicans who did vote for the extension, too bad there weren't more of them.

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  1. Methinks they need to read "On the Condition of the Workers." Then again it's nice to see that the right picks and chooses as much as anyone else does. It's a tough situation out there. I've got a couple of friends who've been cut off from UI for 3-4 months, now.