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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Have an Interview, Pray for Me

My dear and faithful readers, I have a job interview.  It's part time and would be compensated by housing in return for services ( evening checking, etc at a hotel accommodation for  out of town patients for a hospital) with an opportunity to make money doing cleaning and small repairs occasionally.  It's a job I would like to do, although it has no benefits and I'm not even sure how it will affect my unemployment check.  But if I have housing/utilities and food from the food bank and at least partial unemployment every week, I can last until I get a day job with benefits.  I could take a part time day job to last until full time work opens up.

Each human being is entitled to a job provided a decent living wage and benefits compensation, and it is hoped that this job will in someway fulfill their vocation (Vocare, call) from God to go forth to mankind and do his work.  This job represents an opportunity to serve the ill while still writing in the day.  I will update you  on the interview.  God Bless and have a happy Thanksgiving

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