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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dear Representative

Here is the letter I wrote to Frank Chopp in the Washington State House.

Dear Representative Chopp,

It's time to square up to political courage, stand up to the far right
assault on the budget and find away to fund the services that the
population needs. Cutting 108,000,000 from Basic Health, eliminating
coverage for thousands of families, $596,000,000 cut from community
colleges and universities, hurting our competitiveness and innovation,
and $1,200,000,000 from voter-approved initiatives to reduce K-12
class sizes and help pay teachers a living wage and other similar cuts
is unworkable.

This budget will 1) drive the state back into recession, 2) hurt the
most vulnerable, and 3) reduce the spending power of Washington
citizens thereby making our revenue crisis worse next year. When the
budget cut cure for a slow economy was tried in the 1930's it drove the
country back into recession. Do you refuse to learn from history?

A budget that saves tax breaks for special interests while slashing
essential services is irresponsible and immoral.


Mr. Joseph Drake

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