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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pro seattle police vs Anti police brutality protest

My friend Miles Partman has been attending anti-police brutality demonstrations that have been occurring in Seattle due to repeated incidents, and regularly photographing them.  Taking some pretty good photos I might add.  I am providing you with a link and I think I shall do so regularly in the future as this is a civil rights issue of not only local but national significance.  If any of my other readers have such photos either to be posted on my blog or for a link, let me know. Also news reports from you are appreciated.

In the interest of full disclosure, I have a labor lawyer brother who represents police and fire, so I definitely hear that side of the story, and at the same time I have had a life time association with civil rights, peace and economic justice causes.  I have sympathy for police who must make quick judgement calls, but I want the well being civil rights of all suspects to be protected. I remember sitting across the street from a beating by two police officers of a drug suspect on Imperial Ave. in San Diego who was on the ground and definitely not resisting. I remember feeling helpless, unable to do anything to help him, because I didn't even know who he was to contact his lawyer later. Of course I recognized he might have said something to make the policemen feel threatened. But once a suspect is subdued, force has to be minimized to what will keep him constrained.

Sorry I only have a Facebook link to Miles photos.  If he has a blog site to post them or wants to share them directly, I can provide more universal links.  

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