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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Texas Sends Family Planning Funds to Abortion Alternatives |

If we are going to make the funding of planned parenthood an issue, we must not make prenatal care the issue. Texas Republicans did something I agreed with. They voted to send the family planing money to health care for pregnant women. I have had reservations about the actions in Congress because some of the other organizations (that is not Planned Parenthood) have provided services women need. In Texas they are making sure women will get those services.

The article from Life News begins"Texas Republicans voted for amendments to their budget bill today that send money meant for family planning efforts to better causes, including funding abortion alternatives.'

'The move follows on the heels of a vote in Congress to cut the federal family planning budget because money goes to the Planned Parenthood abortions business, and their own figures show they provide abortions almost exclusively to pregnant women as opposed to legitimate medical and other health care services for women carrying to term."

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