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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tax Day Mail

More mail, this one from a Move On member in Seattle, where I live, inviting me (and you) to  local protest that is part of a nationwide tax day protest.  If you are not working or busy filing your taxes go and help nail corporate tax dodgers like GE.  (GE has agreed to pay some taxes for the year they paid nothing, all the while claiming to be as pure as a little lamb.)

You're Invited:
Protest corporate tax dodgers: 
Monday—Tax Day—in Seattle

Host: Norm C., MoveOn member 

Where: Bank of America in Ballard at 20th and NW Market (in Seattle) 

When: Monday, Apr. 18, at 11:30 AM 

Can you come? 
Click below for more details and to RSVP: 

I'll be there 
I can come. 

Can't make it 
Sorry, I can't make it this time. 
What: While vital government services get cut, corporations like GE are making huge profits, but paying no federal taxes. So, on Monday—Tax Day—in Seattle, and at hundreds of events across the country, we'll gather outside the headquarters and local offices of the biggest corporate tax dodgers to deliver tax bills from the American people. We'll demand that our leaders make them pay up, instead of cutting billions from programs that would create new jobs, drive economic growth and help the needy and our nation's children. 


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