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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Metro Jogging Club

Once of my projects is enrolling members in an unofficial club, the Metro Jogging Club. Have qualified years ago, I feel entitled to rule on qualifications and membership.

The club began as a challenge from various King County (Seattle area) Metro bus drivers who wanted to see if they took off as I was arriving at the bus stop if I could make to the next stop in time to catch them.  It bears a certain resemblance to John Henry's contest with the track laying machine.  The rule is simple.  To qualify as a member of the Metro Jogging club, you must be able to run at least two blocks with a folded newspaper tucked under one shoulder pit and a full cup of coffee in the hand of the other arm (lids allowed). You must catch the bus before it leaves the next stop, must not lose your morning newspaper and must not spill any coffee.

Having done this run many times, I sit in the front seats of Metro buses informing rider joggers when they have qualified, or if the run was not long enough, what their prospects are.  I have also developed alternative qualification laps.  For example one young lady manged a full block with a baby buggy and I qualified her as an honorary member.

I hereby authorize self qualification.  For self qualification you must preform the two block laps successfully three times with bus drivers as your cooperating witnesses.and you may post your results on my blog or Facebook page. 

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  1. I've actually seen drivers floor it, when they see people running for the bus. Good drivers will wait.