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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pro-Abortion Blog Attacks Sarah Palin's Son: "Retarded," "Somewhat Alive" |

I'm not a Sarah Palin fan, but picking on a kid with Down's syndrome because you don't like his grandmother is not what is consider "progressive" and I shall attempt to communication such to the website that did this. I think it is particularly important for progessive pro-lifers to speak out on something like this. I also want to make clear that any political humor I may have leveled against Palin in the past, nor any vociferous disagreements  I expressed with her politics were not meant to in anyway deny her dignity or that of her family members.  I actually admire the positions and work she has done on Down's syndrome.  Pro-Abortion Blog Attacks Sarah Palin's Son: "Retarded," "Somewhat Alive" |

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