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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mail Call!

Mail today from Washington can on the budget in Washington State and what we can do about it.

A lot has happened since the last time we emailed you. The ‘We Are One’ week of action was a huge success! For over five days, Washington CAN members and community members took over the capitol to demand that lawmakers put people first in the budget. One hundred people slept in the rotunda to protest outdated tax breaks and more than 10,000 people rallied outside the capitol steps to call on lawmakers to pass a just budget. Last week, a group of faith, labor, and Washington CAN leaders participated in the People’s Walk for Our Future. Marchers walked over 50 miles in rainy, cold, windy weather from Auburn to Olympia to demand that lawmakers pass a moral budget by closing frivolous tax breaks for the wealthiest. 

Health care, schools, immigrants, children, communities of color, seniors, no one is spared from budget cuts except for one group: special interests. The budgets recently put forth by the House and Senate slash billions of dollars in funding for health care, education, and other cores services while sparing billions of dollars in outdated tax breaks for corporations and special interests. Now more than ever, as we enter the final week of the legislative session, lawmakers need to hear from YOU.

Demand that lawmakers pass a just and moral budget that puts protects people not corporations. Two ways you can help:

1. CALL YOUR LAWMAKERS TODAY 800-562-6000. Demand that corporations share the sacrifice and give back outdated frivolous tax breaks to raise revenue for critical programs.
2. Hit the streets!Sign up to join us for the May Day march to stand up for our communities.

Our protests have gotten the attention of lawmakers and they are starting to take action. Last week, 10 senators introduced a series of bills that would end specific tax breaks to fund education, health care, and essential state services. But we need to keep the pressure on, particularly now as a special session is on the horizon. That’s why on May Day, May 1st at 1pm, Washington CAN! and various community partners are marching to stand up for workers, immigrants, and all our communities. We must unite to protest cuts that target immigrants and workers in our state while corporations and special interests continue to get lofty tax breaks.

Stand with us to protect our communities. Take a minute to:

1. CALL YOUR LAWMAKERS TODAY 800-562-6000. Tell them you want corporations and special interests to pay their fair share to stop devastating budget cuts to kids, seniors, immigrants, and our communities.
2. Sign up for the May Day march to stop the attacks on workers and immigrants in our state.

Thank you for all you do,
the Washington CAN! team

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