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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How Would you Budget?

Equal Voice for America's Families ( points out that the federal poverty level, for 2011, for a family of four is now $22,350.  They ask us to tell them how would you budget that.  I wrote: Gas for the van your family of four is living in, stamps to send in your application for food stamps, a map to find the nearest food bank, etc.

I believe that all Congress people should be required by Constitutional Amendment to live on such a budget for at least a week before voting on our national budget.  They should also be required to eat a food stamp diet in the Congressional cafeteria for a month before voting. (It might qualify as a Lenten fast.) 

The standards by which the federal poverty guidelines are set have not been re-evaluated in years.  Budgeting for government programs for the poor is being done in a fantasy world.  It's time to give the poor a voice. 

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