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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More Mail

I posted letters from organizations opposed to recent Workers Compensation legislation.  We defeated the special interests at the polls when they tried to turn Workers Comp into a milk cow for the insurance industry at the expense of the workers, then they tried it through the state Legislature.  Good news! I have a letter from Jaime Pedersen saying the bill is essentially dead.  Thanks Jaime. Keep up the good work. 

Dear Mr. Drake --

Thanks for your message and for sharing your thoughts regarding workers' compensation legislation. I share your opposition to SB 5566 and hope that we never see it on the House floor. The bill has not even been scheduled for a public hearing in the House Labor and Workforce Development Committee at this point, and the cutoff has passed. We'll do our best to keep it dead.

Best wishes, Jamie

Representative Jamie Pedersen 
43rd Legislative District 

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