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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Another email newsletter I get is Life News.  I often disagree with some of the partisan perspective in it --that is pro-life Democrats, independents and 3rd party progressives are given little favorable coverage, dismissed or ignored, while the Republican Party is seen as the savior of the pro-life cause.  However, as I am a pro-life progressive I ignore some of the news and issues they raise at my own peril.  I keep getting it and if there is news  that I wish to share I will not make the error in logic of considering  the source beyond the question of credibility.

Here is an article that I think should prick the conscience of even pro-choice die hards.

Firebomb Thrown at Elderly Woman at Pro-Life Prayer EventA homemade incendiary device was thrown at one of the participants of the 40 Days for Life pro-life prayer vigil at an abortion business in Kalispell, Montana on Thursday night.
The woman walked on the public sidewalk near the abortion business when an unidentified person threw the device — akin to a “Molotov cocktail” — in her direction. The woman did not see either the firebomb nor the assailant it exploded on the sidewalk behind her, making a loud popping noise like a big firecracker as it burst into flame. Fortunately, the woman was not hurt in the incident.
After she regained her composure, the victim called Karen Trierweiler, coordinator of the 40 Days prayer vigils in Kalispell at the All Family Health Care abortion center, over to her.
After a lengthy delay, a Kalispell police officer arrived. However, according to officials with the Thomas More Society, a pro-life legal group that is helping the participants, instead of inspecting the bomb debris or calling evidence technicians to the scene, the officer remarked that police could never get prints or other evidence from the bomb’s remains and said he would call the city’s garbage service to dispose of all the debris.
The officer then said that the 40 Days prayer vigil participants should expect this kind of reaction if they’re protesting at the abortion business. Questioning Officer Hoover’s assessment of the attack, Trierweiler called the Kalispell desk sergeant to complain, where she was unable to get further assistance.
Tom Brejcha, president and chief counsel of the Thomas More Society says his group has filed a formal complaint with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Field Office in Helena, Montana. The organization is for an immediate, intensive investigation of what it calls a “vicious” attack.
“We are appalled by this terrible act of violence, while we’re immensely grateful that God’s grace spared this valiant pro-lifer any serious injury,” he told this afternoon. “But the reaction of Kalispell police officers after Ms. Trierweiler called them to the scene was equally appalling, indeed outrageous.” Full story at 

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  1. The police are a joke....basically stating that the protestors deserved a bunch of b.s.