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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tell Off Rob McKenna! #3

Here is you second chance to sign the petition telling Rob to stop it.  Or more reasons to if you are undecided.  This was sent to me by Washington CAN. 

Exactly one year ago today, millions watched as President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law. Now seniors are paying less for their prescriptions and care, youths are being covered by their parents’ health insurance, and children with pre-existing conditions can’t be denied insurance coverage.

Sadly, our own Attorney General Rob McKenna, is standing in the way of people’s right to a healthy life. 

McKenna joined a lawsuit with other conservative Attorneys General seeking to overturn the entire law, including even the most basic reforms such as protections for those with pre-existing conditions. Rob McKenna is putting partisan politics above good policy and he is trying to give insurance companies control over our health. Don’t let Rob McKenna stand in the way of your right to quality, affordable health care.

Sign this petition demanding he drop the lawsuit.

By signing onto the national lawsuit, our Attorney General has put the life-changing benefits, cost-savings, and consumer protections in the Affordable Care Act at risk for millions of Americans. Attorney General McKenna should tell parents of sick children who finally got coverage that their insurance is now canceled. He should tell cancer patients they will once again face annual and lifetime benefit limits that will force them into bankruptcy instead of getting them the care they need. McKenna should ask seniors to cough up the $250 donut-hole checks they received from the new health care law to buy their prescriptions.

Demand that McKenna drop his lawsuit and protect our health. Sign the petition.

Attorney General McKenna needs to hear that the people of Washington want access to quality, affordable care not insurance company abuses.  There’s no turning back. We must move forward in implementing the law. The health of children and families in our state depends on it.

Sign the petition and ask your friends and family to sign it too.

Thank you for all you do,
the Washington CAN team

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