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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tell Your Friends to Help Also

I got another email about Washington State Workers' Comp legislation today from the Washington State Association for Justice.  If you haven't yet sent email to your legislators about this there are links to do this on a prior post:

And here is the new letter:

WSAJ: Protecting Injured Workers
I have spent five years as a judge and 24 years as an advocate fighting for Washington workers in the courtroom, but my ability to help injured workers in the future will be dramatically impacted by our state legislators' actions in Olympia in the next two weeks.Tell your rep to vote NO
The good news right now is that grassroots supporters like you have shifted the momentum in the debate. Both HB 1487, the "retro claims bill" Carol Johnston emailed you about last week on which we have made great progress, and SB 5566, the so-called Compromise and Release ("C & R") provision, are now being re-evaluated by the House and the Senate -- so contact with your legislators is now more important than ever.
The bad news is that we're still up against some of the strongest, best-funded special interests in Washington.
So we can't let up, not for a minute. In fact, we need to work even harder to seal the deal, and make sure we stop Compromise and Release in its tracks.
You and supporters like you have already sent 3,633 emails to our state legislators asking them to vote "NO" on C & R -- but, to keep this momentum up, we need to get even more people involved before the session ends and we lose the chance.
Forward this email to a friend or family member now, and ask them to email their state representatives, too. As you know the tool is easy to use -- and we need as many people contacting their representatives as possible during these last few weeks of the session.
Defeating SB 5566 is especially important now that we've learned C & R represents a 20 percent benefit cut for many injured workers. And it threatens to force taxpayers to subsidize our workers comp system, giving huge tax breaks to some of the largest corporations in our state.
The special interests trying to push through SB 5566 know how much they stand to gain, and with stakes that high, they'll exploit every opportunity they can find to push the bill through the legislature. That's why we can't let up.
As an advocate for injured workers for over 20 years, I know the harm that C & R would cause workers and their families who depend on those benefits.
We can't let the special interests turn back time, and turn back workers' protections. Help us defeat SB 5566 and C & R now.
Forward this email to someone you know who cares about injured workers -- and urge him or her to email their state representatives now.
Thank you for helping us protect Washington workers.
Wayne Lieb
Olympia, WA
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