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Friday, March 11, 2011

Bernard Nathanson, a Man Who Changed, Dead

Consistent Life informed me in their latest newsletter that Bernard Nathanson  died in February.  For the details of his life I will send you to Wikipedia, but here I shall comment.  Dr. Nathanson was one of the founders of National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Rights and he preformed many abortions and fought legal battles that lead to Roe v. Wade  Then he saw  a real time abortion.    He never preformed another abortion and became active with the National Right to Life Committee.  In life we often do thinks without fully understanding what we are doing.  When we reach a moment of epiphany that tells us we have done wrong we either become  become fully complicit or we change. Nathanson changed.  He changed like St. Augustine or St. Francis changed.  All of us in our lives must reach moments of change and convert in order to begin penance and make amends.  "For all have fallen short of the glory of the Lord." 

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