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Thursday, March 31, 2011

High Noon With the Bankers

Here is another email I received from one of the groups addressing the economic crisis in America today.

Yesterday, thousands of you called your Attorney General and demanded that they choose a side: the homeowners they've sworn to protect or the big banks that broke the law and bankrupted the economy. Calls were made in 47 states!

This is no small feat. And it's all because of you.

Because of your call, the Attorneys General will have YOUR WORDS in mind as they sit down today with the big banks to hammer out the terms of the settlement to their fraudulent practices. They know that we will accept nothing less than a settlement that saves homes and forces the banks to pay for their crimes.

Here's what some of you reported after the call:
I tried 3 different numbers to leave a message and they were all FULL! I had to keep calling back. I'm glad so many people called, I've been so looking forward to today!!
I told her (the receptionist) the middle class taxpayers are not going to stand for this any longer. We are going to demand that politicians all take heed that we want change now. We are tired of the rich and corporations stealing OUR money.
I told them to make the banks pay - that it's OUR MONEY. We bailed them out and they're still taking people's homes? It was clear that MANY people are calling.

Keep the pressure on!

Here's how you can continue to build our voice:
  1. Keep the calls coming all week. We've received several emails asking if people can call their Attorney Generals throughout the week. The answer is: "ABSOLUTELY!" Please continue to spread the word and call in multiple times if possible. 
  2. Like our Crime Shouldn't Pay Facebook page – Help us reach 1,000 fans!Since launching the page a week ago, there's been an outpouring of support. We're at JUST OVER 900 as of today - tell your friends to Like the "Crime Shouldn't Pay" Facebook page and to call their Attorney General.
We will keep you updated on the settlement negotiations and keep the fight going!

Thanks for all that you do. 

Showdown in America

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Showdown in America is a national bank accountability campaign coordinated by National People's Action - a Network of community power organizations from across the country that work to advance a national economic and racial justice agenda.

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