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Friday, March 25, 2011

The Whole World is Watching

Shortly after making enemies of the labor movement and friends of labor nation wide, Gov. Walker of Wisconsin is in the middle of making enemies of Moms and Dads and Kiddies, even Republican ones, because of his draconian cuts of Wisconsin schools.   Many Wisconsin Republicans are wishing they could take back their vote for Walker according to an Associated Press article today.  After creating $82 million in new tax cuts the Gov has a $3.6 billion budget bust to deal with, even after raising "fees" on the poor like a  75 cent fee for 911 service to mobile devices.  So he is planning to cut state aid to schools by 9%,  about $900 million, at the same time as he reduces local property tax revenues for schools by an average of $550 per student.   This has sent parents with school children out to the picket lines, even ones that voted for Walker.  Math teacher Ron Blaha, who voted for Walker for restraint on frivolous spending remarked that "I did not anticipate that he considered education a frivolity."

Perhaps if Walker keeps up his campaign against the people of his state we should consider a measure being taken in Dafur.  In order to make real that "the whole world is watching"  the brutalities in Dafur, a non-profit, Eyes on Dafur, has a satellite trained on the border area between Dafur and Northern Sudan.  Perhaps in order to prevent further assaults on the population of Wisconsin, we need to set up a Eyes on Wisconsin satellite trained on the Gov's mansion to watch his every move!

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