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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Obama, Establish No Fly Zone Over Wisconsin Now!

Stirring cries for a general strike and for a legal fight all the way to the Supreme court, if need be,  Wisconsin State Senate changed the rules of the road through a procedural vote and rushed  the measure though  with ten minutes notice against popular wishes, repealing collective bargaining for public employees.  The Senate had suddenly declared a non fiscal item last night, thus not requiring the larger quorum that the Democrats denied by hiding across state lines.  But the bill for the measure still contained some budget items.  Wisconsin Rep. Mark Pocan called the passage of the bill, legislating under "junta rules."  The state law requires 24 hours notice for a vote.  And parts of the bill voted on were written after the vote in the Senate. 

State house Democrats cried "Shame" as the bill passed the house by a majority of Republican votes (4 Republicans joined with the Democrats.)  
The Governor plans to sign it "soon".

 The head of Madison's  firefighters union and many protesters called for a general strike.  The Democratic Party of Wisconsin said it plans to appeal the law to the courts. A mass demonstration is planned for this weekend in Wisconsin.  Eight Republicans Senators and six Democrats are being targeted by recall efforts.   The Wisconsin Farmers Union and other farmers organizations plan to bring their tractors to circle the state capitol on Saturday in protest against the legislation and  for a just budget.   The budget cuts the Buy Wisconsin program and hurts rural education.  (See  

Against the backdop of the brewing rebellion against his planned bill, a month ago Govenor Walker said he was ready to use the National Guard on protesters. Now that the bill is passed, the protests will likely accelerate, a potential of a general strike looms.  I call on President Obama to ready measures to establish a no fly zone over Wisconsin to protect strikers from the Governor!  Just kidding (I think.)

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