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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

End Foreclosures Now

Here is a letter I have received on actions to stop the foreclosure crisis:

 On March 7, the first draft of a proposed settlement from the the 50 state Attorneys General against the big banks for their rampant mortgage fraud went public.   
The AGs probably thought that starting with a middle-of-the-road proposal full of potential loopholes would be a good way to start negotiations. But the big banks and their supporters have already started crying foul, trying to slip out of any real enforcement, punishment and restitution for the millions of homeowners they owe.
This means that it’s time to kick into high gear our push for a “settlement that fits the crime.”
The state Attorneys General are expected to begin negotiations with the big banks this week.  While the final details will take weeks to hammer out, the opening salvo will determine what stays on – or gets kicked off – the negotiating table. That’s why we are planning a Nationwide Call-In Day to the Attorneys General on Tuesday, March 29. 
We need every voice we can to demand a settlement that provides justice to the millions of us that have lost our homes and our security because of the actions of the big banks.  This is the week to gather your friends and family to join the fight. 
For a first step, help us spread the word by joining our CrimeShouldntPay campaign on Facebook and share it with your friends in the lead up to March 29.
The Attorneys General need to pick a side – the millions of homeowners they've sworn to protect or the big banks that have bankrupted our communities and country.  Let's help them make the right decision.
Stay tuned this week for more information.  And thanks for all that you do.
PICO National Network
National People's Action
Alliance for a Just Society

Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment
IAF Southeast

P.S. Have you seen the video of hundreds of homeowners a very special visit to the National Association of Attorneys General meeting in DC a few weeks ago? It's a can't miss. Check it out here.

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