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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Twenty Days Does Not Begin to Express the Contempt I Feel for the Court!

Dane County Circuit Judge Maryann Sumi made it clear  that her judicial order  for officials not to implement the new  Wisconsin collective bargaining law meant what it said, Tuesday, and said defiance risks sanctions. But today Wisconsin's Governor was back at implementing the controversial law past under dubious circumstances.  Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller said of the Governor and the Republicans, "They seem incapable of hearing people who say they are wrong," 

"I cannot understand the legal rationale of attorneys who are apparently advising this administration to ignore this order for whatever reason," Democratic Sheboygan County D.A. Joe DeCecco 's. He added that, "The very fabric of a just society is based on the rule of law. We don't have the option of which law we will obey and we don't have the option of which court order we'll ignore."

" They're in contempt of court already," University of Wisconsin law professor Howard Schweber declared.  He referred to the Wisconsin's administrations moving ahead with plans to stop deducting union dues from  paychecks, and start deducting an approximately 8% pay cut for health and pension benefits. 

The Governor's administration claimed that posting the law on the legislatures website constituted publication, although the law requires the Secretary of State to publish before a law can be implemented. Tuesday the judge made it clear the law had not been legally published and that the restraining order prohibited that, although the Governor's legal staff claims she hadn't.  They still declare that the bill is law in effect, a matter to be deiced in court on Friday. 

The Governor's approach to the court reminds me of a friend, who was hauled before a San Francisco Judge. Judge asked him a question to which he gave a argumentative reply. That got him a twenty day contempt citation.  He told the judge that this does not begin to express the contempt I feel for this court.  That got him another twenty days.

Perhaps the Governor had his fingers crossed when he took an other to uphold the U.S. and State Constitutions, but this would not exempt him from the oath any more than internet posting constitutes publication.  I believe that the judge is being forced to start issuing contempt citations to enforce her rulings. But I doubt she will be able to express the contempt that the Governor has held the law in. 

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