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Friday, March 18, 2011

Budget Cut Assisted Suicides

I like Consistent Life ( because like me they see an absolute consistency between being pro-life and being pro-peace/justice, full speed a head and damn the respective party platforms... In there latest newsletter they write  of news from True Compassion Advocates, a Washington State  organization opposing the local death with so-called dignity act.  I canvassed to oppose it's passage, in a heavily Democratic neighborhood.  Many of those canvassed were indignant in their response, never considering that it is the role of Government to protect, rather than allow harm.  We protect people against consumer  product dangers, crime, traffic accidents, and when we can get congress to do so, Wall Street schemes and  food safety problems.  Why should we then allow liberty for harm to come to the poor and disabled through euthanasia legalization.   True Compassion Advocates reports that due to the economic downturn death with dignity is turning into soaring legalized suicide for seniors and the disabled in Washington and Oregon.  Both states have slashed budgets on services to the disabled and elderly and put together with an "easy out"  the results are draconian.   More at:

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