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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rally on St. Paddy's Day

I have received a letter from Washington Community Action Network  on a planned rally on March 17th in Olympia.

We need you. Next Thursday, March 17th, thousands of people will be making their way to Olympia to attend the Rally to Protect Our Future. How fitting that on St. Patrick’s Day, a day when the color green reigns supreme, people will be demanding to see the green, money that is. On March 17th, we’ll demand that our lawmakers close outdated tax loopholes for Wall Street Banks, private jets, and elective cosmetic surgery to stop devastating budget cuts.

Can we count on you to be at the March 17th Rally to Protect Our Future? Click here
to sign up.

This is the next step in our fight to close tax loopholes, and only a big crowd will break through the lobbyist logjam. We must show lawmakers that the people of Washington want accountability and oversight in our state’s tax exemption system, not perks for special interests. Already, thousands of people have sent emails and made calls demanding that lawmakers close tax loopholes before making more cuts to services.

Join us on March 17thDon’t let our communities be sacrificed for the profit margins of out-of-state corporations.

This rally is our opportunity to say “no more!” to special interests and “YES!” to protecting the future of our families, communities, and state. Demand progressive solutions to our state’s financial challenges, beginning with closing unjustified tax loopholes to stop devastating cuts.

to sign up for the rally today!

Thanks for all that you do, 
The Washington CAN Team

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