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Friday, March 18, 2011

Tell Off Rob McKenna!

I have received email from the Washington State Democrats urging we join in writing to  Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna telling him to stop his plans for busting unions in our state.  I told McKenna that as an attorney he should know that there are a long string of Supreme Court cases protecting unions again union busting under the first amendment. I told him I used to think he was "okay" but now I think he's been brewing too long for a tea party.   Information from Washington State Democrats below:

Tell Rob McKenna:
Not in Washington!
Go to to sign our petition
Dear Joseph,
The assault on public employee unions is an organized campaign by right-wing Republicans. What’s happened in Wisconsin is only the beginning. 
State legislatures in Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, and Idaho have all proposed measures similar to the ones in Wisconsin. The attack on public employees has even spread to Washington State. (1)
Attorney General Rob McKenna is the likely Republican candidate for governor. He’s on record referring to the collective bargaining of teachers, firefighters, and other public employees as unnecessary and “dangerous.” (2)
He has a long and consistent history of opposing public employee unions as a King County Councilmember and Attorney General. 
Right-wing Republicans across the country are using a recession created by the Bush Administration as an excuse to attack working families.
It’s up to us to stop anti-union initiatives before they take hold in our state. With McKenna as governor, an attack on public employees could happen here. He’d have the support of his friends in the Washington State Legislature. 
During this legislative session, Republicans in the Legislature have introduced bill after bill to repeal and undermine Washington’s 2002 collective-bargaining law. (3)
Rob McKenna is the darling of the Republican Party here in Washington; we need to send a message to McKenna and the Party he leads.
Sign this petition and tell Rob McKenna: We will not let Washington State become another Wisconsin:
Please help us spread the word about this petition and forward it to three friends!                                     
Thank you for your concern and support for working families.                                      
Misty Shock Rule
New Media Director
Washington State Democrats

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