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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Daily Mail Grinds On!

I have gotten another email letter from the fight against foreclosures, being led by PICO and National People's Action.  I consider it a fundamental question of justice that after the banks and big financial institutions were bailed out, they should in turn help the customers on whom they depend.  It also makes economic sense.  If the big banks are too big to fail, then the working class of this country, who outnumbers the bankers, is definitely too big to fail.   So the campaign is on to get State Attorney Generals to take state actions to stop the foreclosure crisis.  Read on:

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Dear Joseph, 
Bank of America focused its pr machine yesterday at the city of Detroit, a city badly hurt by the foreclosure crisis.
In an Op-Ed in The Detroit News called “Foreclosure Always The Last Option”, Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan wrote:
“Every day, our mortgage servicing employees talk with tens of thousands of distressed customers, with the goal of helping them stay in their homes, if possible. Unfortunately, the only path left for some is foreclosure.”
Speak with anybody trying to work with Bank of America or the other big banks to modify their mortgage and they’ll tell you a very different story.  They can assure you that the call centers at BofA are not set up with the “goal of helping them stay in their homes.”  In actuality, the call centers have been set up to spin homeowners in circles until they give up in frustration and the bank can swoop in and foreclose.
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On March 29, thousands of homeowners from around the country will call their Attorney General and demand that they choose a side—the homeowners they’ve sworn to protect or the big banks that broke the law and bankrupted the economy.  Tell your friends & family to join us on the 29th!
Thank you,
PICO National Network
Alliance for a Just Society
National People's Action
IAF Southeast
Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment

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