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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Boycott Arizona Working!

Arizona legislatures have considered a bill to try to challenge the black letter law of the 14th amendment on immigration and have taken a step back at the request of Arizona business leaders. Senator Russell Pease, who has leader the anti-immigrant mob charge in Arizona  had a bill that would have issued different birth certificates to children of undocumented workers that to all others.  It would have formed a compact with other states that passed similar legislation to defy the constitutional standard of the 14th Amendment that all born in the United States become citizens and that only the federal Constitution  determines citizenship.  On of the issues leading to the civil war, besides slavery and trade policy was that states wanted to set their own policy on obviously federal issues including immigration.  After the passage of the 14th Amendment the courts ruled that only the federal government can set immigration policy-- precedent already defied by Arizona.
"It’s time for us to take a timeout,” said Republican Sen. John McComish explaining why he stopped the measure according to AP. “It’s something that the people don’t want us to be focusing on.”
The State Senate had received a letter from Arizona business leaders pointing out the damage the boycott had caused to the state economy. This is the results of the Montgomery Bus boycott repeated so many years later for the issue of just immigration policies. These business people may not have a refined sense of justice, but they know when an unjust policy costs them too much.   More at:

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