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Friday, March 25, 2011

In another of those amazing emails I get from dozens of interesting groups Consistent Life, the pro-life, pro peace organization, has this to say:

 U.S. Budget Battles: What if the American People Decided?
 PLC 2       Much as the punditry likes to claim that the American people want government services without paying the needed taxes for them, a recent poll suggests that if the will of the majority rather than well-lobbied politicians decided on the budget, it could be balanced. So many military expenditures – spending on preparation for and actual practice of mass killing – are what the U.S. cannot afford.
        It’s been long established in many polls that the American people also don’t want tax money going for abortions. But the life-affirming health care, counseling services, and material assistance for mothers in need are only on the chopping block because of what some politicians want, not because of the will of the American people.
        If excessive military spending is kept at the expense of these life-affirming services, more unborn children will likely get killed as a result. This is another of the many connections between war and abortion. 

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