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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Se Sal Puede!

Happy Cesar Chavez Birthday.  I have received a letter from the United Farmworkers Union I want to share with you.

March 31, 2011
Dear Joseph,

Cesar Chavez speaking at the UFW's 1991 Constitutional Convention in Delano
Happy Cesar Chavez Day! Throughout his life, César inspired millions of people – from the fields and in the cities-- to commit themselves to the fight for social, economic, and civil rights. When he was once asked by a union member how he wanted to be remembered, Chávez replied, “If you want to remember me, organize!”
César knew as you and I do--there is still much to be done. The struggle for a contract with Giumarra (one of the largest producers of table grapes ), injustice in the wrongful death of farm worker Maria Isavel Vasquez Jimenez, and the continuing legislative attacks on immigrants, unions and the poor remind us of the challenges we face this very moment.
So today, we’re remembering César the way he wished us to--organizing everyone we know. Will you join us by donating your Facebook status in honor of César today?
Today, ten states will officially observe César Chávez’ birthday but by the end of the day, our goal is to spread César’s message to millions of people around the world through Facebook. Sound impossible? “Sí Se Puede!” Just imagine if all of us donated our Facebook status, and we each had 10 friends (though, I suspect you all have many more than that!) and just one of our friends chose to join in…
Together we can make sure millions continue to be inspired by César’s fight for the rights and dignity of all people. But it starts with you – can we count you in?
If you don’t have a Facebook account but know friends who do, please forward this message on honoring Cesar’s legacy. Let them know by donating their status through our application they can educate others on Cesar's legacy.,
Sí Se Puede! Viva Cesar Chavez!
Jocelyn Sherman, UFW
Internet Communications Director
PS: If you haven't yet visited our Facebook page please go to do so today and click on the like button to join our Facebook family.

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