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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

If You Woke up Homeless, Next to Me, What 4 Words Would You Say To Me

If you woke up homeless, on the ground, under the blanket of stars and without enough money to have a home, next to me, what four words would you say to me.  Tens of thousands of Americans are waking up homeless.  People live under ground in New York City.  They live in park and freeway brush in Seattle, They live in the giant storm drains in Las Vegas. People live in rolling homes of beat up old cars.  May are mental ill, sometime criminals, drug users, alcoholics for home housing and treatment has been cut out of the social safety net.  But increasing it's the unemployed, the under employed and those losing their home due to foreclosures. Me, if I woke up homeless, I'd like to think I was their to be one with the other homeless and provide them a little help.  I'd just say, "Here I Am Lord".  But what 4 words would you say.  

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