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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Who Killed Jesus?

The Jewish community world wide is reacting positively to Pope Benedict's sweeping denunciation of the old canard that "the Jews" killed Jesus.   I was always taught that all of our sins had a role in his crucifixion.  And if we looked at the legal responsibility for it, only those who were there and assented could assume responsibility.  Pilate, while "washing his hands" in fact assumed responsibility by assenting.  Some Jewish religious leaders assented, others were excluded from the decision.  The crowd assented, but the crowd was not exclusively Jewish, had no legal authority, and was egged on by Jesus's opponents. So the crowd merely represents our collective guilt as sinners, not as members of as race, a guilt he forgives us from the cross.  For more go to,7340,L-4038026,00.html

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